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Different Types of Bike Insurance

Insurance for Your Motorcycle That Covers Everything
All of your financial responsibilities to a third party and the costs associated with owning a damaged bike can be covered by a comprehensive bicycle insurance policy. An accident, fire, theft, man-made disasters and natural calamities, as well as self-ignition and explosion are covered by this policy. For an additional fee, you can also buy add-ons such as zero depreciation, roadside assistance and engine protection.
Third Party Bike Insurance
In order to ride a motorcycle in India, you must have third-party bike insurance. It’s also known as a “liability-only” policy, and it protects the insured in the event of an accident or mishap involving the insured’s motorcycle, providing coverage for bodily injury, temporary or permanent disability, and death to third parties. Third-party property damage up to Rs. 1 Lakh is also covered by this motorcycle or scooter insurance policy. But the insured’s bike or the insured person are not covered.
Own-Damage Bike Insurance
This policy provides coverage for the insured bike’s own-damage caused by an accident, theft, fire, natural disaster or man-made calamity, as long as the incident occurred while the bike was insured. A stand-alone own-damage policy gives policyholders the freedom to pick and choose their own insurance provider. Insuring against third-party liability as well as your own property damage is possible through the same company or through a different company. By purchasing additional coverage, an insured person can increase the scope of their own-damage insurance policy.



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